About Me

Hey There!

I’m Rachel, a 20 year-old from Alberta, Canada.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. I remember forcing my parents to subscribe to Fashion Television, on our cable provider, just so I could watch all the Alexander McQueen runway shows that existed. After a crappy breakup (and having a “glo-up video of myself that curated over 2 million views), at 17, I pushed myself into modelling. I learnt my 5’3 height was much too short to even pass for fashion/runway modelling. So I began collaborating with local photographers typically doing lifestyle and boudoir. I’ve recently been featured in NIF magazine, but there are some upcoming ones I’m excited to share.

In the past 3 years, I’ve taught myself a lot of things, both behind and in-front of the camera. When I’m not modelling for others, I’m messing around in photoshop and lightroom, taking photos of my own (or for friends), dancing, making YouTube videos, getting crafty, playing around with my makeup, or simply just playing some type of video game… I’m kinda a nerd.

For all business enquiries, please email: